"There’s a big difference between flapping your jaw and getting stuff done"

“If any other Republican candidate were standing here, they’d say about the same thing on the issues,” Pawlenty told about 50 Iowa voters gathered Friday morning at Beck’s Sports Brewery in Waterloo. “The big difference in this race is, I’ve actually done it. There’s a big difference between flapping your jaw and getting stuff done. This isn’t about rhetoric. This isn’t about fancy speeches. We’ve had enough of that with Barack Obama.”…

Pawlenty does not mention his GOP rivals by name. But Bachmann seems never too far from his mind. In speeches across Iowa this week he has exhorted voters to remember the grave responsibility they hold in shaping the presidential contest. He has urged them not to choose the candidate with the most glittering rhetoric but the one with the most relevant leadership experience.

Speaking to a crowd of 100 at Ar-Jay Center, a kitchen and bath store in Cedar Rapids, Pawlenty said: “I think it’s important for Iowa not to just be first but to be right, to send a message that the person who wins Iowa is a person who can really be the nominee, who can really beat Barack Obama, who can really be president of the United States under the most historically difficult and challenging times.”