Sleazy O.J. lawyer pretty happy with Casey Anthony verdict

Why then, is the public so outraged about the verdict? Part of the blame must fall on the media. This case got a lot of armchair quarterbacking from self-appointed experts, many of whom have never tried a murder case. By offering punditry rather than serious analysis and reporting, the media turned the trial into entertainment.

In court, jurors are admonished by the judge at every recess not to discuss the case or form any opinions until the case is given to them for deliberations. Of course, there is no such limitation on the public. Fortunately, the Anthony jury was sequestered and, thus, not unduly influenced by the media commentators. The jurors were limited to admissible evidence, as determined by the judge, in making their decision. The media had no such restriction.

After the verdict, the state attorney noted that this was a difficult case to prove. He was correct.