Bachmann's Iowa strategy: Huckabee 2.0

Iowa watchers see parallels with 2008, when a determined juggernaut of a campaign — Mitt Romney’s — blanketed the state with organizational resources, only to be upset by Huckabee’s shoestring effort.

The crucial difference: A proven fundraiser, Bachmann, unlike Huckabee, will have money, giving her a chance to extend any momentum she draws from the Iowa results.

The Bachmann ranks in Iowa are continuing to grow: Her congressional chief of staff moved his family to the state last month, and the new campaign office in the Des Moines suburb of Urbandale should fill up with staffers in the coming weeks.

“Is she doing enough? No. Is she doing more than people think? Yes,” said Steve Deace, a conservative writer and former radio host in Des Moines.