It's come to this

Amanpour’s guest mentioned Benjamin Franklin wrote that he wouldn’t mind being preserved in a “vat of Madeira wine” in order to see if the Constitution held up 200 years later. Amanpour responded, “he was amazingly perspicacious when this Constitution was signed.” Some viewers might want to roll their eyes in response to Amanpour’s use of such “elite” language, while others might appreciate that she doesn’t dumb down her thoughts for television. Either way, what was truly peculiar was the on-screen graphic. Were producers worried that the word would fly so far over their audience’s head that they needed to intervene as a public service? And if so, why not define “vat” and “Madeira wine” while you’re at it? Or is This Week now like Pop-Up Video with explanatory details and interesting facts popping up to complement what’s happening on screen?