Popular new trend in Afghan entertainment: Taliban blowing up U.S. troops

The images are of real war and shocking violence: American military vehicles exploding; Western soldiers tossed high in the air; terrified foreign men being dragged and mutilated. The soundtracks are a mix of gunfire and chants, sung by male voices, praising fallen heroes and calling for sacrifice in the name of Islam.

“O Talib, come to my dreams,” begins one. “The brave infidel slayers are everywhere. We will burn their tanks and set them on fire. The brave infidel slayers are turned to ashes, but they still live. … O Talib, come to my grave. The infidel dragons have killed me; follow my footsteps when I am gone.”…

One vendor named Abdul, 17, said he acquired his first Taliban video when a man wearing a turban asked him to copy a song onto his mobile chip. But the stranger’s chip was already full of “fighting and killing and planting mines,” he said. Now he passes the battle clips on to “different people. Some guys just like watching them, and some look like killers. I am very careful to make sure they are not from the police.”