"As a private citizen, you can effect change, too"

Yet when I spoke with Palin, in a quiet conversation before she departed, she told me that all of the presidential chatter misses the point. She said that she enjoys being part of the national political conversation, but the idea that she needed to be in office to influence things is bunk.

“Being a private citizen, I think I am a good example for others to show that you don’t have to have a title, you don’t have to hold national or statewide office in order to effect positive change and make a difference,” she said. “The documentary encapsulates that — to be involved for the right reasons and challenge the status quo.”

But if Palin can stir whole towns to turn out for a film premiere, why not try to generate similar levels of enthusiasm for public policy as a candidate? “As a private citizen, you can effect change, too,” she replied with a smile. With that, she and her husband, Todd, jumped into a waiting sport-utility vehicle and zoomed away.