C'mon, Sarah, give us a sign

“I’ve become convinced that there is no grand strategy behind Palin’s activity,” Cullen added. “There is no rhyme. There is no reason. The only common theme to her schedule of activities, statements, and appearances is her seemingly unending ability to attract media coverage…

The public relations campaign promoting the movie — and in the process her — is being handled by an outside conservative communications firm hired by the film production company, which also financed the project. The director, Steve Banon, said he hopes the film encourages Palin to run, but has only spoken to her once — briefly — and has had sporadic contact with her staff that mostly tapered off after they brokered contact between him and some of her former aides. But all the chatter has led to a spike of interest in the movie.

It hasn’t, however, led to the hiring of any major staff. Palin didn’t even take the two advance staffers SarahPAC hired back for her bus tour with her to Pella.

And so the mystery continues.