Bristol Palin: Don't confuse me with Meghan McCain, please

“You have a pretty gutsy family,”Hannity told he as he began his interview, confessing that, while he was “really dumb” as a teenager, he would never reveal the mistakes he made in his youth in the book the way the younger Palin has. Palin explained that she saw her book as a form of service: “I know that putting it all out there… that will eventually help somebody.” She noted that she made many mistakes and “owns up” to them, clarifying once again that, while admitting she remembered little about her son’s conception, “I’m not accusing Levi [Johnston] of rape or anything like that,” but just analyzing her behavior “through older and wiser eyes.”

Hannity also asked her about her relationship to Meghan McCain during 2008, and Palin was very quick to distance herself. “We come from two completely different worlds,” she said of Sen. John McCain’s daughter, noting that, unlike McCain, “I do things for myself. I’ve had a job since I was really little.” She also mentioned the fact that her hobbies were far different from McCain’s: “I don’t know if she goes out hunting and fishing and stuff like that.”

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