Al Gore attacks Obama for failing to do Al Gore’s job

Nobody has done more than Gore to make the case that climate change is a global emergency, and it’s understandable that he’s frustrated with the pace of progress. It’s also legitimately irritating that Obama has stopped talking about climate change when he talks about clean energy. But the chronically disgruntled liberals who argue that cap-and-trade (or the public option, or immigration reform, or the Employee Free Choice Act) could have passed if only the president had used his bully pulpit and made the case are not dealing with reality. He is not a superhero. How exactly is Obama supposed to persuade Joe Manchin to vote for that cap-and-trade bill he gunned down in his campaign ads? On a related topic, how many senators did Vice President Gore persuade to vote for the Kyoto Protocol? (A hint: You can count them on no hands.)

One suspects that Gore was a bit uneasy about his cheap shots, which he wrapped in sheepish apologetics: “Even writing an article like this one carries risks; opponents of the president will excerpt the criticism and strip it of context.” Of course, an Al Gore essay about the dangers of climate change wouldn’t be particularly newsworthy without a few swipes at the president. But you know how the entertainment-obsessed news media is. Always “building an audience.”

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