An update on my $100,000 Palin bet

The most frustrating element of all of this is that there has never been anything remotely flimsy about my offer or its intent. While I fully realize that such an offer is wrongly seen by many observers in the media as a stunt (largely because they see it through the cynical prism of what it would mean if they themselves, a group incapable of acting in anything other than their own self-interest, ever did such a thing), I can assure you that the offer could not be more real or more grounded in substantive intentions. I am simply trying to prove an incredibly important point, and given that I do not have a nightly show on Fox News, this is about the only option I have to do so.

Frankly, while I am well aware that few will realize or admit it, the point has already been made in spades. The only semi-legitimate response to my incredibly lopsided and lucrative bet was from by far the most fanatical pro-Palin website and was “accepted,” after significant alterations, in a way that was neither efficient nor definitive. Had a similar offer been made at this time in 2007 to liberal supporters of Obama’s then-long-shot candidacy (a scenario that was actually quite plausible), I would have been immediately bombarded with credible responses. The near total silence here is as significant as it is unfortunately unsurprising.

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