This debt crisis can't wait, Mr. President

Instead of enacting true spending cuts, caps and supporting a balanced budget amendment that would force Congress to live within its means, the president’s budget proposed $46 trillion in new spending and trillions in new debt which would be borrowed from China. Senate Democrats haven’t bothered to pass a budget of their own in over two years.

Most troubling is the president’s unwillingness to reform entitlements, a decision that will ensure a Greek-style debt crisis here at home and a diminished future for our children and grandchildren. In order to save important programs such as Social Security and Medicare — programs that millions of Floridians like my mother rely on — we need to reform them for younger people who are at least a decade away from retirement. Doing nothing, as the president and Democrats propose, will accelerate the bankruptcy of Medicare and our nation as a whole, and condemn our children and grandchildren to live in a country that is a mere shell of the one we inherited from our parents.

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