President Perry's first 100 days

When asked to forecast the first 100 days of a new presidential administration if American voters were to choose the Texas model, Mr. Perry sketched out a pretty picture for GOP primary voters. Mr. Perry said that assuming a GOP victory over President Obama and a Republican takeover of the Senate, the first item of business would be a repeal of ObamaCare “in totality, and a great sigh of relief would be heard across this country.” Next up would be spending cuts, and eliminating the two cabinet departments could be just the beginning. “Those are minor amounts of money but they are very symbolic,” he added.

Next on Mr. Perry’s list is a reform of corporate income taxes in order to give U.S. firms an incentive to repatriate more than $1 trillion held in offshore subsidiaries. “Give people an incentive to start investing in America again,” he said, adding that corporate taxes in general need to be restructured to encourage job creation. “There’s a lot of money out there, but people are afraid to invest it . . . because they don’t know what Washington’s going to do.”

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