Obama's been awfully quiet about the NLRB's Boeing decision, huh?

Even if Boeing prevails on the law in an appellate court, relief could be months or years down the road. Meantime, the allegation hangs over Boeing’s investment and over any other unionized company contemplating a similar move.

The President isn’t above wading into labor disagreements in the states. When unions objected to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s plan to reform his state’s arrangement with public employee unions earlier this year, Mr. Obama said he didn’t like to see unions “denigrated or vilified” or have their “rights infringed upon.”

So here is a seminal case about the ability of a corporation to manage its own assets and decide where to locate its business. Should the NLRB be able to block an American company’s domestic expansion? Mr. President, how are your labor appointees assisting American jobs and exports?

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