The Libya war is unconstitutional

Libya is a prime example of our problematic, overreaching and sometimes unnecessary foreign policy. We need to implement new policies that reflect conservative and constitutional values and ethics using our military to protect the American people. I am uninterested in using U.S. forces for the process of nation-building. We must take care of our nation before we attempt to rebuild or support others.

Thus far, the United States has provided 93 percent of the cruise missiles, 66 percent of the personnel, 50 percent of the ships and 50 percent of the planes in this Libyan mission. The resources provided are estimated to cost roughly $700 million. I do not see any logic behind such expenditures. Why is America, in a time of economic emergency, spending $700 million to support a war effort that is not of any interest to our nation’s well-being?

Congress should not stand by indolently while a war of choice is being waged on our dime. America cannot financially or emotionally afford another war. Congress must put an end to it. It is our responsibility to defend the Constitution and the American people; thus, I urge my colleagues to remember their loyalties and take this administration off of its unnecessary war path.

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