Romney/Bachmann 2012?

A Romney-Bachmann ticket would be balanced in terms of ideology (he’s moderate, she’s conservative), governing style (he’s technocratic, she’s idealistic), religion (he’s Mormon, she’s evangelical) and, of course, sex.

This column has no brief for Romney, but strictly as political analysis, we’d say a Romney-Bachmann ticket looks more formidable than the McCain-Palin ticket that lost in 2008. Romney, unlike McCain, has executive and private-sector experience. He’s in his mid-60s, old enough that his maturity makes for an attractive contrast with Barack Obama, but not so old that anyone will wonder if he’s up to the job…

An interesting aside: A Romney-Bachmann ticket, or a Romney-Pawlenty one for that matter, would combine candidates from the only state Richard Nixon lost in 1972 and the only state Reagan lost in 1984. What’s more, of the seven GOP candidates on stage Monday, all but Rick Santorum come from the home state of at least one Democratic presidential nominee since 1960. The four states in question–Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Texas–have produced a majority of Democratic nominees (8 of 13) during that time.

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