The media's Palin obsession sure is creepy

A quick scan of presidential polls shows that Sarah Palin will not be elected president of the United States anytime soon. That reality makes the media’s treatment of the former GOP vice presidential candidate disproportionate to her sway over national events. And yet the media’s obsession with Palin reached absurd heights last week with the publication of those 13,000 emails from her time as governor…

I’m sorry, but at this point the media’s fixation with Palin is getting downright creepy. And they have been strangely obsessive since she burst onto the national scene in 2008.

When my co-host, Mika Brzezinski, and I arrived at the Republican National Convention that year, we were met by excited network chiefs and newspaper reporters who were chasing down a sleazy Internet rumor that Trig Palin was not Palin’s child. To a neutral observer, the story was an obvious hoax, but unfortunately for their audience, the mainstream media were not a neutral observer when it came to the GOP candidate.