Weiner's decision to seek treatment is a genius move

Weiner may have solved everybody’s problem with his “treatment” gambit. It makes those who continue to milk the story look like heartless vultures for harassing a sick man (with a pregnant wife). And it takes the story off the front pages of the tabloids, both in print and on TV. The idea that the scandal itself is not survivable is nonsense. Barney Frank—another fast-talking acerbic Jew from the outer boroughs—survived a far more incriminating scandal involving a male prostitute working out of the basement of his own home in times that were far less accustomed to such behavior as those we live in today. Frank went on to become one of the Democrats’ most respected and admired elder statesmen. I recall similar demands from pundits that Frank resign immediately, but again, his constituents decided they preferred to forgive and forget. If Weiner can tough out the coming week—and put a final period on timelines like this one he’ll be home free. He won’t be New York’s next mayor; Rudy Giuliani proved that sex scandals are allowed only after you’re safely in office. But 20 years from now, he might be an effective congressman. And who knows? Maybe one day Oscar Meyer will name a hot dog after him….