How come Schumer's not speaking up in Weiner's defense?

“Chuck is not that forgiving a guy,” says longtime New York political consultant Norman Adler, who has known both men well over the last quarter century. “I wonder if he’s even speaking to Anthony right now. But I strongly suspect that nobody can save Anthony Weiner, including Chuck Schumer, whether or not Chuck puts his arm around Anthony’s shoulder and says to him, ‘It’s time.’ Even then, I doubt if Anthony would listen—his level of arrogance is so imposing.”…

As time went on, of course, Weiner revealed himself to be a completely different political animal. While both shared a love for being the center of attention, Schumer worked hard behind the scenes to help his colleagues with their problems and master the intricacies of policy—in other words, to be liked and respected. Today Schumer is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s trusted hand-picked deputy, and strongly positioned to take Reid’s place should he ever retire.

Weiner, by contrast, focused his talents on being a public advocate for liberal causes, finding ways to insert himself into controversies in order to grab credit and bask in the spotlight. Before he married top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin last year in a wedding ceremony officiated by former president Bill Clinton, he’d also developed a reputation as a playboy who was often seen in the company of glamorous young women. Few if anyone suspected he also had a narcissistic compulsion to send photos of his genitals to female recipients on the Internet.

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