God “speaks” in many ways. Sometimes it is through something a friend says at the right moment, or what we hear on the radio. We can be praying for a situation for ourselves, or for someone else, and we hear just the right Scripture verse, or just the right word, and become inspired. These might be called coincidences, but I call them “God moments,” or “God-incidences.”

I had one of those moments this last weekend, at the Marriage Encounter weekend on which Ed and I acted as a “team couple.” In one of my talks I added a line that seemed to fit what I was saying, but hadn’t been included in my prepared remarks. I thought nothing about it until later at lunch; a couple who ate with us at our table picked up on this specific line, and asked us about this event. They were dealing with the same situation in their family, and asked us how we handled it.

In a way, we are like the apostles, before Pentecost. We don’t always know understand what God is doing, or how He is using us until we experience the aftereffects, when the Holy Spirit allows us to see, and comprehend.

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