"I get nervous even thinking about it"

Rep. Anthony Weiner has lost nearly all support in Congress, sources told The Huffington Post, but the embattled New York Democrat has an even tougher audience yet to face: He has to explain himself to Hillary Clinton, the formidable secretary of state he has come to regard as his honorary mother-in-law, people who know the Clintons and Weiner said.

“It scares me, and I’m nowhere near Weiner,” said one Clinton-world insider. “I get nervous even thinking about it.”…

“Huma is not a favored aide, she’s not a close family friend. She is a daughter to Hillary, and to Bill,” said one friend. “I walked away from that wedding saying, ‘Holy shit. [Weiner] married a Clinton.'”

And the apology to Bill Clinton will pale in comparison to a talk with Hillary Clinton. “Apologizing to the president is hard enough, but he can’t exactly take the moral high ground, can he?” said a source who knows all the people involved. “I’d be terrified of [Hillary].”

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