Report: Weiner's staffers looking for other jobs

Anthony Weiner has survived to play with his congressional BlackBerry for another day. But if he’s looking for messages of encouragement from other Democrats, he’ll find an empty screen.

Members of his staff (who were accepting Weiner’s lies as the truth until he fessed up to them Monday afternoon, just before facing the cameras) have left his Rayburn suite largely unattended while they roam the halls looking for other jobs. Pelosi (ditto) has written an official letter doubling down on her call for a full-up Ethics Committee investigation — assuring the drip-drip of coverage will continue for months unless the one-time king of Queens politics quits Congress. Yesterday’s “Call someone else” will long be remembered as one of the most biting bits of advice Reid has ever given. Party officials in New York aren’t taking his calls, either, while working to recruit an alternative candidate in the 9th District — either for 2012 or for a special election if Weiner resigns. Former City Councilman Eric N. Gioia of Queens would be their top choice.

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