Ed Schultz to Weiner: Resign

Now, as an American worker put yourself in the Congressman’s position. He’s tweeting pictures to a girl half his age on company time and lying about it to the boss. By the way, you’re the taxpayer. You’re the boss. Do you think you would survive that in your workplace? Maybe you would. Maybe that’s just the way America and society is now. I have no interest in Congressman Weiner’s private life. He and his wife, I think, have got quite a bit to deal with and work out at this point. He made this a public issue. He did it. When he lied repeatedly during a media tour that lasted a week. This is about trust. Do you trust what he says now? This is about character. And this is about the people and what the people of this country deserve in elected officials. All of the people that have gotten in trouble before I’ve advocated them resigning because the taxpayers deserve total focus. Congressman Weiner, if you believe in yourself, you will resign and you will come back and run again in 2012 because that’s what the taxpayers deserve. They deserve a Representative that is totally focused.

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