With campaign heating up, Gingrich ... goes on vacation

Gingrich’s last public event was a May 27 Rotary Club lunch in South Carolina, and he won’t return to the spotlight until a June 8 screening of his documentary about Pope John Paul II in New Hampshire.

“They had long scheduled time off early in the campaign,” said Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler. “They spent a long time, really with no break, preparing for the campaign. This week was an opportunity to get away together, and they decided it was important to stick to that schedule. We’ll be back next week.”…

Among the events Gingrich will be missing is this weekend’s Faith & Freedom Conference in Washington, a cattle call event that has attracted nearly every other GOP presidential contender to preach to the evangelical base. He’ll also be missing time on the stump, as Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani, Jon Huntsman and even Buddy Roemer hit New Hampshire voters. Tim Pawlenty, meanwhile, just completed a three-day swing through Iowa.

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