Informal survey of New Yorkers: We still love Weiner!

So the Daily Beast hit the streets of the Big Apple and conducted an informal survey of 100 New Yorkers to ask them what they thought about Weinergate and the motormouth representative, who has long had his eye on the New York City mayor’s office.

The verdict? The Weiner haters can fugheddaboutit: even though many believe the infamous grey underwear did indeed belong to Weiner, a majority of respondents—71 percent—said the news hadn’t changed their opinion of Weiner, who represents parts of Brooklyn and Queens in Congress. Overall, the numbers present a picture of a city that may be rolling its eyes at Weiner, but won’t decide what lever to pull based on whether they’ve seen his lever: two-thirds said the incident wouldn’t factor into a decision on whether to vote for him for mayor.

What’s more, respondents seem to be buying Weiner’s line that he didn’t send out the photo. Slightly more than a quarter believe he sent the questionable photo, but 43 percent think someone else did it—and the rest don’t care. And echoing his own lack of “certitude” on whether it depicted him, equal proportions believe the photo is and isn’t the congressman.

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