Loosen up, Mitt

I’ve been harder on Mitt Romney than have many observers. But, now that he is formally announcing his candidacy, it’s time to take stock of what he brings to the table. When you look at the entire picture, there’s a lot of paint in the frame. If Mitt Romney had run authentically in 2008 as who he really was, I have no doubt he would have won the GOP primary. And if he’d run his whole campaign like he ran in Michigan, he would have been the nominee. Romney has a good story to tell. He has compelling experience and achievements. He can frame a more believable message on the economy than any of the other candidates. And it appears that is just what he intends to do this time around.

Voters crave authenticity. Romney needs to just be who he is and quit trying to turn himself into a pretzel for the right, as he did last time around. I hate to wear ties. They’re not me. But my simple advice to Mitt Romney for the most difficult of pursuits: Wear a tie, speak the truth, and make no apologies.

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