Will "The Undefeated" change public perceptions of Palin?

Conversations with several of the people who sat down with Bannon for the film made clear that they believe the movie could seriously change negative perceptions of Palin and reframe her story the way they see it, rather than the way they believe the press has negatively portrayed her. Not all of them have seen the film, but those who had seen a rough cut were even more enthusiastic about it.

Former spokesperson Meg Stapleton is one of the lead voices in the documentary and stresses that most of the country doesn’t know what Palin accomplished in Alaska. “If someone gives it a chance and watches it, watches the film, I think they will be surprised at the caricature that’s been drawn and the contrast to reality,” Stapleton told The Daily Beast. “I just think every aspect of it is so powerful, you cannot walk away from this film looking at Sarah Palin the same way. You just can’t.”

Conservative provocateur and author of Righteous Indignation, Andrew Breitbart said he jumped at the chance to participate in the film, and has seen it. “It goes to incredible lengths to point to how everybody, including the Democratic Party, accepted the fact that she was fiercely independent and went against not just the Republican establishment, but went against ExxonMobil and in heroic fashion,” Breitbart told The Daily Beast. “It goes through the history of how she got elected, why she got elected, and why she had an 88 percent approval rating.”

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