Georgia Republicans: Why vote Newt when we've got Herman Cain?

“He doesn’t talk political,” said Jeanette Bean, a Gwinnett County delegate who was passing out Draft Cain stickers. “He talks straight. He doesn’t mince his words and says it how it is. It’s so refreshing.”…

Enthusiastic praise for Cain was frequently sprinkled with subtle jabs at his home-state competition.

“He does not have some of the personal baggage …” said Bulloch County Chair Roger Allen said of Gingrich, pausing to better phrase his thoughts. “The choices he’s made hasn’t given ammo to some of his detractors.”

“It’s important to me the stand he takes on moral issues,” said Pat Tippett, co-chairwoman of Georgia Conservatives in Action, said of Cain. “He’s been married to the same wonderful woman for 43 years.”

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