Four Dems vote "present" on honoring Bin Laden mission

The vote wasn’t unanimous, however. Four liberal Democrats – Reps. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio), Barbara Lee (Calif.), Pete Stark (Calif.) and Lynn Woolsey (Calif.) – voted “present” on the measure, which was offered as an amendment to an intelligence authorization bill.

In a statement to The Hill, Lee said she “commend[s] the president and all those involved with planning and executing the effort to obtain Osama bin Laden.” She noted that she voted for a separate Democratic motion that included language congratulating presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton, along with the intelligence community. But Lee, who opposes the ongoing U.S. military campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, took issue with language in the amendment that reaffirmed congressional support for anti-terrorism missions in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

“I voted present on this amendment, which contains overly broad language I believe to be inconsistent with the simple and important message of acclamation for the work of the intelligence community leading to the death of Osama Bin Laden,” Lee said.

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