The news behind bars

Before they get to more news about the converter boxes — they have learned the art of the tease — the anchors talk for several minutes about crime victims’ awareness month, introducing b-roll footage that will be added later of a crime victim who had recently visited the prison.

“I thought it was very heartfelt,” Williams says.

“It gave us a brand-new appreciation for what victims go through,” Porter says.

“The word forgiveness kept coming up,” Williams says.

Prisoners, the anchors said, like to act tough and pretend they don’t care about their actions, but interviews with victims often prompt inmates to tell the anchors things such as, “Oh, man, I saw that, and it just really changed my heart.”

Reporting the news has had a similar effect on the anchors — softening them, getting them interested in building a positive community, teaching them to respect truth.

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