Dianne Feinstein: Our relationship with Pakistan makes "less and less sense to me"

“Either we’re going to be allies in fighting terror, or the relationship makes less and less sense to me,” Feinstein told reporters outside the Senate chamber Monday evening. “Everyone knew that bin Laden was the head of al Qaeda. Everybody knew that he was the leader of the attack on New York City. And to enable him to live in Pakistan in a military community for six years, I just don’t believe it was done without some form of complicity.”

When pressed on the fact that her views diverged from other top lawmakers, like those of Lugar and Kerry, Feinstein did not waver from her position.

“I understand that. I feel a little differently,” said the California Democrat. Lugar and Kerry defended American aid to Pakistan on Sunday television shows, with Lugar staking out an even stronger stance on the value of the alliance between the two counties.

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