"Who is Osama and why is it important we killed him?"

To be sure, relative to the sheer volume of young people active on Twitter, not too many pleaded ignorance about Osama’s identity, and a few tweets would be easy to dismiss as anomalies.

But data suggest that more than a few Internet users needed a little help understanding who Osama bin Laden was. Yahoo!, which tracks trends through its search queries, detected a significant bump in searches by people trying to identify the mysterious name. The analysts at Yahoo!’s search blog pored over the data and found that teens were behind many of the searches for news about the death of the world’s No. 1 boogeyman.

In fact, teens between the ages of 13 and 17—mere toddlers during the 9/11 attacks—made a full two-thirds of the overall searches for the phrase “who is osama bin laden?” in the hours following President Obama’s television announcement.

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