How Huntsman can win

Huntsman might be the last Republican you’d expect to count conservative flamethrower Glenn Beck among his family friends. But the Fox News commentator is actually close with Jon Huntsman Sr., the candidate’s father, and speaks of him frequently on air as a “friend and mentor.”

“He is the only man I have ever met that I believe has the character of George Washington,” Beck said of Huntsman Sr., a wealthy Utah philanthropist who has donated more than a billion dollars of his own fortune to cancer research. Beck’s book, The Christmas Sweater, even has a “special message” tacked on at the end devoted to praising Huntsman Sr.’s charity work, and rags-to-riches life story.

Of course, Beck’s recently announced departure from Fox News and flagging radio ratings have somewhat diminished his potential as a Republican kingmaker, but he still commands an audience of millions. And as Huntsman tries to court a suspicious right wing, a little praise from Beck (not even an endorsement is necessary) would go a long way toward establishing his conservative street cred.

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