Report: Pakistan had Bin Laden compound "under sharp focus" since 2003

A Foreign Ministry statement said Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence directorate (ISI), had kept the compound “under sharp focus” since construction got underway in 2003. But one intelligence official said that although it was searched in pursuit of an al-Qaeda operative that year, nothing was found and it was never scrutinized again.

The statement said that Pakistan had begun sharing intelligence with the United States on the area as early as 2009 and that the CIA had used those leads to reach bin Laden. The administration has acknowledged unspecified Pakistani intelligence cooperation that helped narrow the search…

U.S. intelligence has for years been amassing evidence of Pakistan’s complicity with the Afghan Taliban, while remaining uncertain how high it went within military and intelligence structures. Since the bin Laden raid, officials have said that wealthy individuals who shared al-Qaeda’s extreme Islamist and anti-American views and supported his movement, along with sympathetic elements of retired and possibly active-duty military and intelligence officials, likely knew that someone important lived in the compound.