Mitch Daniels isn't ready to be president

In fact, as Rubin has keenly observed, Daniels seems studiously disinterested in defense and foreign policy. And, to the extent that he has discussed these issues, it has been with the authority of an accountant, not a strategist.

Indeed, as Philip Klein noted last fall, Daniels told The Hill newspaper “that defense cuts should be on the table to combat the debt. ‘We need to take a really hard look at the missions we’ve undertaken,’ [Daniels] said.”

As Klein points out, “that surely isn’t going to sit well with national security-minded Republicans.”

No, it’s not — and not least because Daniels hasn’t shown the slightest indication that he’s thought seriously about America’s role in the world. Instead, explains Rubin, he speaks in “platitudes” — i.e., “peace through strength.”

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