"Going from spectator-in-chief to 'Lord High Executioner' demonstrates resolve"

With the successful military strike, Insiders in both parties felt that Obama has been able to quell doubts about his conduct of foreign policy and burnished his leadership image. “For once the President has shown he can lead and get results,” said one Republican Insider. “He looks stronger than he has on any other issue.” A Democratic Insider echoed that this is a “huge positive for him as commander in chief: the more details come out the better he and his national security team look.” Another Democratic Insider noted: “One of the main criticisms [of Obama] is that when it comes to foreign policy, he is not strong enough and is an apologist to the world—this puts those arguments to bed.”

And one Republican Insider went so far as to declare that “foreign Policy is off the table as a 2012 issue. Going from spectator-in-chief to ‘Lord High Executioner’ demonstrates resolve, toughness and purpose.”

At the same time, many Insiders cautioned that the boost to Obama’s standing could be short-lived. “It will be fleeting,” averred a Democratic Insider. “The [public’s] focus will return to jobs and the economy in under two weeks. However, OBL will be a standing line in all speeches going forward.” Added a GOP Insider: “Americans have short memories, so gas prices, the wars, and the general economic malaise will come back in a week or two.”

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