Hawaii governor: It's now an insult to question Obama's birthplace

“President Obama’s mother and father were dear friends of mine, and we must respect their memory,” Abercrombie said. “It is an insult to the President, his parents and to the Office to suggest that he was not born in Hawaii. The State of Hawaii has done everything within our legal ability to disabuse these conspiracy theorists. We granted the President’s request for certified copies of his birth certificate so we can all move on from this unfortunate distraction and focus on the real issues affecting people today.

“Considering all of the investigations that have been done and the information that has been provided, no rational person can question the President’s citizenship. We have found a way – once again – to confirm what we already knew: the President was born here in Hawaii. State officials of both parties have verified that President Obama’s birth records show that he was born in Honolulu.

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