Boehner to Obama on deficit: "Come on! It's time to grow up"

The topic was the bipartisan deficit commission, which was appointed by President Obama and recommended tough spending cuts, tax reforms and reforming Medicare and Social Security in a controversial report issued late last year.

“While I didn’t agree with everything they did, there was a lot in their — in their proposal that was worth of consideration. And what did the President do? He took exactly none of his own deficit reduction commission’s ideas. Not one. Come on! It’s time to grow up and get serious about the problems that face our country,” Boehner said, clearly agitated.

“Do you trust him?” Boehner was asked. “Will you negotiate with him on this stuff?”

“I do. I get along with him fine. I wouldn’t say we’re close friends, but it’s — we’re polite. We get along fine. We look each other in the eye and we’re straight and honest with each other.”

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