Liberal comics can't get enough of the tea party jokes

White is one of a dozen rotating acts in “This Ain’t No Tea Party,” a progressive comedy revue in the midst of a 10-week off-Broadway run. It often draws a packed audience filled with young Midwestern tourists in Uggs, dreadlocked blipsters from the Bronx, retired Upper West Side theater buffs, along with political wonks and human rights activists. The traveling show, Laughing Liberally, plans to tour nationally soon…

Many of the evening’s laughs are uneasy, but a central premise soon emerges: When in doubt, make fun of the tea party.

Comic Jamie Jackson flutters onstage in drag — faux Chanel suit, mousy brown bouffant wig — as Lady Margo Barnesly Farnsworth, a visiting Brit struggling to understand tea party politics.

A friend patiently explains to her that guns don’t actually kill people, and she launches into a bring-down-the-house ditty called “Guns Don’t Kill People. People Kill People.”

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