Frankfurt shooter may have been influenced by DePalma's anti-war movie

As reported here on Pajamas Media, Arid Uka, who shot and killed two American servicemen at Frankfurt Airport on Wednesday, has told German police that he was motivated in part by a video that he saw showing American soldiers “plundering a house and raping a girl” in Afghanistan. According to Germany’s deputy Attorney General Rainer Griesbaum, Uka is supposed to have viewed the video on YouTube…

The same footage can also be seen on YouTube under the English-language title “Footage of Abeer Qassim.” The description specifies “rape footage of Abeer Qassim.” Unlike the German-language YouTube page, however, the English-language page indicates that the footage comes from the Brian De Palma film Redacted. In addition to the rape scene, the propaganda video on the German-language YouTube page contains three further scenes from Redacted.

De Palma’s 2007 release was largely made to look “as if” it was filmed by an amateur cameraman documenting real events. A disclaimer that is shown at the beginning of Redacted states that the film is “entirely fiction,” but “inspired by an incident widely reported to have occurred.”