It would be unpatriotic for Chris Christie to sit this election out

Waiting until after the 2012 elections to seriously address America’s fiscal problems would be late in acting, according to Christie – and by 2016, the damage may be too hard to reverse.

“We are teetering on the edge of disaster,” he warned.

Yet Christie says he won’t run for president in 2012 – and has said so emphatically and repeatedly. But from his own statements it is clear he believes that the time for action has to be now – and if President Obama won’t act, as he has failed to thus far according to Christie, the president elected in 2012 is seemingly the last man with the opportunity to change course and make the drastic and serious reforms Christie says are necessary to save America.

Christie says he is too busy taking care of New Jersey to run for president, and that he isn’t ready for the job anyway. But no matter what he does to right New Jersey’s ship, it won’t matter all that much if the federal government implodes fiscally. And leaders who have answered history’s call to action have rarely been perfectly “ready” for the task at hand.