What if we judged Huckabee the way he judges Obama?


Huckabee is reaching back 40 years into Obama’s biography to draw conclusions. Imagine if voters used that same intellectual dot-connector to draw conclusions about the beliefs Huckabee holds today and affirms each day in prayer and each Sunday at church. If a voter is supposed to believe that Obama is captive to the imagined ideas of a father he knew for only a month of his life, then, presumably, the same voter should believe that Huckabee can be equally captive to some imagined tenets of Christianity.

Huckabee has taken several recent trips to Israel. Does he want people drawing direct lines between his foreign policy and every passage of the Book of Revelation? This applies to all GOP candidates who would seek to define Obama wholly by his foreign connections. Should Mitt Romney be judged by every rule and law of the Mormon Church? Is Newt Gingrich irrevocably driven by the same impulses that ended his two marriages?