Counterattack: Qaddafi's forces retake key oil city in east

Ahmed Jerksi, manager of the Sirte oil company which runs the oil facility in Brega, told the Associated Press that pro-Gadhafi forces retook control of the facility. Witnesses told AP they saw two warplanes bomb the eastern part of Ajdabiya at 10 a.m. local-time Wednesday, and pro-Gadhafi forces were advancing on the town.

Brega lies about 120 miles (200 kilometers) southwest of Benghazi and just west of Ajdabiya. No further details were available.

“There are airplanes bombing the area,” said Cptn. Faris Zawya, a rebel officer in Ajdabiya. “We are still holding the line.”…

At a rebel training camp in Benghazi, new recruits shouted at their drill sergeant, who was trying to teach them to march. “Give us guns and send us to Ajdabiya, we’re wasting our day learning to march while our families are dying at the front,” said one recruit.