Qaddafi's team invites reporters to tour Tripoli. What could go wrong?

On Thursday, David Verdi, a vice president at NBC News, said NBC was among the networks to be invited to Tripoli by a son of Colonel Qaddafi. “We’re considering what it would mean to go into the capital, hosted by a government that could potentially fall at any moment,” he said.

He suggested that one of the considerations is that journalists could be used by the Libyan government as human shields…

Until then, news organizations have two options. One is to do what James Bays, a correspondent for Al Jazeera, did on Wednesday: fly into Tripoli, survey the scene at the airport, and immediately fly back out of the country.

“It really is a desperate scene, a scene of panic there,” Mr. Bays reported on the channel on Thursday, an hour after returning to London. He said that the police are “even beating people with clubs, stopping them from getting into the airport.” He was only able to record with a cellphone camera.