GOP aides ready to play chicken with Dems over shutdown

But GOP leaders believe Democrats will stand down from their position. When Reid announced Tuesday that he would introduce a monthlong spending bill with no cuts, he called it an olive branch. Republicans think it’s a fig leaf.

“It’s obvious that we have the more reasonable position,” said a GOP leadership aide. “The Senate Democrats’ position that there isn’t one wasted dollar in the federal budget is absurd.”

Boehner’s demand is simple, it’s easy to message and it lacks Gingrich’s trademark bombast: The bill must at least nick a little bureaucratic flesh. Considering that the House just passed a seven-month spending measure that would hack $61 billion from the federal budget, Boehner’s negotiating position is modest…

Republicans say it’s Democrats who can’t stop saying the “S” word and that it will cost them politically.

“Sen. Schumer, in particular, is visibly salivating for this to happen,” the GOP aide said.