I'm pretty darned angry about this GOP power grab in Wisconsin

2. Wall Street Created the Fiscal Crisis, Not Unions

Public workers, elected officials, unions, or others whom one might want to blame did not create today’s fiscal crisis. An already weak and increasingly two-tier economy, dragged down by a 2000-10 jobless decade, globalization, and a lack of real wage growth for a generation, was sunk by greedy big banks and Wall Street. They, abetted by blind regulatory oversight, created irresponsible investment schemes.

When the fiscal tidal wave hit, American workers had exhausted their tools to maintain their standard of living—a second family income, second or third job, more hours worked, credit cards, a stock-market bubble before it burst, home refinancing, home-equity loans, student loans, and additional education. Most states, having used up many of their budget “gimmicks,” also fell into a huge new hole, and are still digging out.

And here’s a little-noted statistic: According to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, two-thirds of corporations in the state pay no taxes, and the share of corporate tax revenue funding state operations has fallen by half since 1981.