Palin should announce first

By Waiting Palin Is Hurting Her Own Prospects for Winning

If Palin is to make a serious run for the White House she needs to be building a national organization now — one that can raise millions and win primaries in early states like New Hampshire and South Carolina. If she decides to make a late entry, it would be nearly impossible for her to be taken seriously as a candidate and to gain ground. Just ask Fred Thompson.
Time to Release Her Supporters

The tea party base enamored with Palin needs to know her 2012 plans so they can stop wasting their psychic energy fantasizing about her run. Then, if she decides not to run, there’s plenty of time to transfer enthusiasm to other candidates. These party activists will be desperately needed on other presidential campaigns and as boots on the ground for the GOP, even if they are still waving the Palin flag in their hearts.