Good news: North Korea completes new, advanced missile launch facility

The latest satellite imagery indicates that North Korea has completed construction of a second – and more modern – missile launch facility, a vital step in its efforts to successfully launch intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The images, first obtained by VOA News, indicate an expansive launch pad positioned next to a launch tower that stands more than 100 feet tall. Though analysts have known about the facility’s construction for at least two years, the site’s apparent completion – in spite of scarce domestic resources and international sanctions – suggests that long-range missile development remains a top priority in Pyongyang…

“This is more like a real facility,” said Dan Pinkston, a Seoul-based security expert who has studied the satellite images. “The other one, it had dirt roads; it was pretty primitive. This one looks to be more of a serious site with support facilities that are needed to sustain a program – what you’d want to do if you are serious about testing long-range missiles.”