Mubarak loyalists now suddenly pro-revolution 'n stuff

With Mubarak out of office and the National Democratic Party in shambles, Saraya is hardly alone among prominent Egyptians in trying to remake his image as quickly as he can.

Among them is Tamer Hosny, a well-groomed Egyptian pop star, who has released a song to honor the Jan. 25 revolution, with a video featuring portraits of the martyrs who were killed during demonstrations. He earlier had spoken on state television and pleaded with protesters to go home and end the crisis in Egypt. When he switched sides and went to Tahrir Square, demonstrators kicked him out.

Others are named on “Lists of the Shameful” being circulated on the social networking sites Twitter and Facebook, which identify Egyptians said to have opposed the demonstrations or sought to suppress them. Those targeted include symbols of Egypt’s movie and music industry and officials of the ministry of information, who tried to demonize protesters as hoodlums and Islamists.