Broken and mended on Valentine's Day

I received the final divorce papers a week before St. Valentine’s Day, and learned that my ex-husband was already getting remarried.

That was a rough Valentine’s Day. I had divorce papers I hadn’t wanted. I was a single parent. There was a temptation to despair. But that became a day of blessings I won’t forget. Opening my eyes to face a difficult, emotional morning, I asked the Lord if He would be my “Valentine.”

It was just a thought—a pain-filler. My proposal started out as a way to just “get through,” but it became more than that. I decided to make special plans for Jesus, my Valentine. The more I thought about it, the more an idea took shape, and I looked for little extra-special gifts of myself that I could give to the Lord that day in my prayer life, in my devotions, and in my interactions.