The man behind the West Wing Report on Twitter

West Wing Report is a spin-free mixture of White House info, scoops, historical references, media insights, and the (very occasional) pop-culture tangent, all of which spring from the mind, and keyboard, of 20-year journalism vet Paul Brandus. While West Wing Report boasts a not-too-shabby follower count of almost 31,000, the real measure of WWR’s success is its influence. It’s not how many people follow you, but who follows you, and how much attention they’re paying.

On that count, WWR boasts a roster of followers that includes political heavy-hitters, media insiders, big-time journalists, and the odd celebrity. The website ranks West Wing Report’s influence in a tie for 5th place with Jake Tapper and Politico, trailing only a handful of big news sites like CNN.

Part of the genius of West Wing Report is the lack of emphasis on its one-man-band creator, in favor of content that is made for Twitter, and Twitter alone. It’s a canny strategy which recognizes that personalities come and go, but a trusted brand (CNN, Fox News) endures. Early on, this shift in emphasis led to an almost Keyser Soze-like mystique, as many of my Twitter followers, and some of my White House colleagues, wanted to know “Who is West Wing Report?”